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Tabletop RPG Design

Ambition (TTRPG)

Ambition is a tabletop roleplaying game system for exploring a high intensity frontier populated by larger-than-life characters, oppressive trading companies, and conniving bandits.

The mechanics include diverse classes expressing asymmetric and collaborative gameplay, time-independent progression mechanics, a tactical combat dice system that rewards mastery, and skills requiring teamwork and foresight.


The World of Ambition

In addition to the thematic mechanics, Ambition includes a rich and detailed world ripe for exploration. Players take on the roles of spirited and unlucky mercenaries struggling to find their place in a vast, indifferent world. Set in an alternate 1930s where the pursuit of the frontier never ended, they must chase every opportunity and make allies where they can to keep paying the bills and try to find time for their own Ambition.

Tales of Sacadia - Consultation

Tales of Sacadia is a legacy roleplaying game set in a fantasy iron age. Emulating heroic tales of mythic origins, the game is meant to be played over the course of many smaller campaigns, progressing time through centuries and chronicling the rise and fall of a civilization. Through the life of the project I have been a consultant on implementing and developing bespoke mechanics to capture the desired tone.

(Illustration by Joni Aikio)

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