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Hull Breach

Hull Breach is a short traversal and exploration level with a tense atmosphere. Arriving overlooking a scene of destruction in their ship's starboard fuel cell, players navigate the empty corridors in pursuit of the missing lead engineer.

Designed to fill a highly confined volume, the level includes a variety of occupiable spaces while obfuscating the overall exterior bounds.

hull breach diagram.png

Players begin exiting a corridor and overlooking the damaged atrium housing the fuel cell. With the exit door in sight, they proceed through a series of office and repair spaces where the first hints of the engineer's fate become visible.

Continuing downstairs, players find the passage blocked, meaning they must proceed through the access tunnels. Once in the atrium, the exit is blocked once again, forcing traversal through the alien boarding pod. Descending further through the damaged tunnels, they exit and discover the deceased engineer.

Developed as the inaugural project of the Level Design Book Club, this level was produced over the course of a month in response to a prompt in parallel to a number of similar responses.

By working through individual responses to the prompt (an exploration space in a 20x20x10 volume) in tandem with my peers, I was able to incorporate regular testing and feedback into the design of this solo project, while also providing the same for my companions.

The tight scale of the bounding volume afforded me the opportunity to develop the blockmesh to a greater-than-usual degree of fidelity.

The player progresses through six different sub regions traversing to the far side of the fuel cell, and each section has a distinct visual language to convey the progression - from the relatively expansive engineer areas, to the confined access tunnels, to the narrow infected boarding pod.

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