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Architectural Drawings

Urban Assemblage

An exploration of hyper-contextual environments, Urban Assemblage used a procedural generation script to accept inputs in the form of neighboring buildings' qualities, and generates a breadth of potential responses to the site conditions. These options can then be curated by the designer by finessing the specific input parameters and selecting from the spread of outputs.


Mod Pods - Urban Densification

Produced as part of a team for a New York small site competition, this project explored possibilities for extreme urban densification. The use of 1960s and 70s aesthetic was selected to convey the rebellious and countercultural character of the ultra-minimalist living spaces.

I developed and contributed several perspective illustrations, including the one seen here.

Timber in the City

Developed with a team of peers for a New York City timber construction competition, this project explored the potential advantages of large scale building using wood, including natural lighting, unique sectional opportunities, and a blurring of the distinction between interior and exterior.

I contributed the large scale background axonometric drawing in these boards.


Tokyo Street Reclamation

Formulated while studying abroad in Tokyo, this project took a critical approach to the Tokyo semi-urban neighborhood schema. For many people living in such neighborhoods in Tokyo, their vehicles are rarely utilized due to the effective public transit network. By relocating rarely-used cars to peripheral high density storage locations, the interior streets and garage are freed up for transformation into public space.

Aurelian Wall Intervention

Designed while studying abroad in Rome, this project capitalizes on an awkward site adjacent to the historic Aurelian wall that rings the city. Rome has countless public exterior spaces, but is ultimately lacking in interior public areas. While remaining respectful of the integrity of the historic wall, this design deftly positions a mixed use cultural center, including exercise and recreation facilities and a public library.

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