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Dusk is one of two exploration levels wherein players take the role of Kana. Kana is an automaton who awakens with the driving purpose to restore her facility. Upon making her way through the ruined scifi laboratory, she finds herself in an overgrown and decaying greenhouse, under the watchful eye of another machine, 'Mother.'

In Dusk, the player obtains a glider, allowing them to traverse across long gaps and collect treasures as they restore the ruins to operation.

Dusk glider.png
Dusk map.png

As a part of this project, I was afforded the opportunity to work closely with a talented team of peers. Working in an intimate setting allowed for quick ideation and iteration - rapidly expanding the beats developed by the narrative team into a gameplay sequence, working around bespoke gameplay mechanics, and integrating the artistic vision into the blockmesh geometry.

(Concept art by Elaina Nou)


The level introduces the player to the glider and gradually increases complexity of the 3d platforming as players work their way through overgrown trees, tanks, and facilities in an effort to reach Mother and restore the greenhouse to operation.

Mother is a fatigued, Atlassian figure looming at the far end of the open exploration space. Progression through the level involves traveling back and forth, from goal to goal while the figure of Mother draws ever closer. 

Portfolio Production Parlor

Richard - Game Direction, Level Design

Jade - Narrative

Dylan - Production

Josie - Concept Art

Elaina - Concept Art

Victoria - Props and Interactables

Ryan - Particle Effects

Seb - Level Design

James - Programming

Markos - Programming

Brandon - Character Design

Gabe - Audio, Music

Mika - Audio

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