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Ephemeral Sandscaper uses robotics to generate an ephemeral landscape. It is built around an XY axis plotting frame. A small pump is used to drip water in patterns along the defined paths, controlled by an Arduino interpreting Gcode. A Grasshopper script arrays points based on a seed, estimates depth, and creates a model which is translated into Gcode. The model acts as a prediction of the physical result.

The resultant sand surface exhibits intricate spatial qualities. Every successive impact is altered by each
other, creating a rich, layered field. After the robot is removed, the sculpted sand surface continues to evolve in response to time. Any interaction between a user and the landscape, as well as with natural forces, will send forms crumbling, while imprints of their presence remain.

landscape photo-01.jpg
landscape photo-02.jpg
sandscape process-01.jpg
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