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Professional Work

Shattered Relics

Grizzly Entertainment - Level Designer

Pitched and developed MMO combat and trade spaces

Created documentation for action and traversal systems

Sculpted points of interest and connecting environment

(Concept art by JamesExcalibur)


Kill Spree

Wunzero - Arena Map Designer

FPS PvP arena map suitable for multiple game modes

Iterated through evolving concept art and vision

Engaged with rapid movement and gunplay mechanics

(Concept art by Asher Alpay)

Level Design


Portfolio Production Parlor - Game Director

3d platforming exploration level in sci-fi ruin

Directed diverse team of a dozen talented peers

Collaborated closely with concept artists and gameplay designers to produce level sequence

Hull Breach

Level Design Book Club - Independent Project

Maze-like exploration/traversal space in confined volume

Developed parameters for group practice project

Modeled and implemented bespoke blockmesh assets

Mountain Ascent

CGMA Level Design for Games - Independent Project

Wide-linear combat and exploration sequence

Derived from paced narrative and gameplay beats

Integrated waypoints, treasures, vistas, enemy layouts

One Wild Day in Outset

SCI-Arc Fiction & Entertainment - Independent Project

Exploration/tutorial level in an alternate history metropolis

Iterated design through regular peer and mentor reviews

Developed complementary worldbuilding and narrative

Other Projects


Architectural Drawings

UNC Charlotte Master of Architecture

Produced diagrams, sections, plans, perspective renders

Iterated through comprehensive design process

Utilized breadth of software and visual scripting

6 lineup.png

Tabletop RPG Design

Ambition, Soldiers of Fortune, Tales of Sacadia

Designed complete game systems and mechanics

Extensively worldbuilt alternate history setting and lore

Provided additonal mechanical and numeric consultation

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