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In the world of Ambition, governments of the old world have stepped aside in the management of the frontier. In their place, powerful trading companies manage the rifts and the relations with the other side.

The Manifest Destiny Trading Company, based in Outset, is the primary company in charge of the rift the connects to the United States. They take a dominantly hands-off approach to management, mostly allowing the many smaller associated companies and individuals to do as they well.

Despite their aloofness, the MDTC's touch is inescapable through their many subsidiaries and representatives. They prefer to remain distant and work subtly, but if aroused to direct action they are completely unstoppable. Denizens of Ambition give the MDTC a wide, cautious berth throughout their activities in the frontier.

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While the Manifest Destiny Trading Company maintains a distant but stern eye on the Rift, life in Ambition is characterized by interactions with the countless smaller companies. Whether trying to make a purchase, travel any distance, find a job, or complete a bounty, wanderers and hopefuls throughout the rift learn the different trading companies as well as their respective approaches, idiosyncrasies, and philosophies .

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