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The Ruins of Boring City is a one-page pamphlet with everything needed to run an introductory adventure in the world of Ambition. A junior scientist has gone missing near the ruins of a company town turned industrial disaster. The bootleg mining operation that has taken up camp mentions having seen them a few days ago, meaning you will have to descend into the Ruins of Boring City. Choked with lush and exotic life and strange events, you find more than you reckoned in the crater, prompting a whole new direction of investigation...

The pamphlet features a loosely linear guided path (ideal for beginner players) with a set of simple adventure hooks following the five room dungeon philosophy. Players complete a roleplay introduction, settling them into their new characters, before getting drawn into the first simple combat. Following a puzzle/skill challenge via an exploration interlude, the players then stumble upon a larger tactical boss fight with hooks for followup games.

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