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The world of Ambition is an ongoing multifaceted project exploring an alternate history dieselpunk setting in an extended new frontier. Ambition is primarily realized through a tabletop roleplaying game, but possesses video game and concept art manifestations as well.

Infused with themes of egalitarianism, independence, inventiveness, and violence in an environment populated with scenes of monumental and industrial might, Ambition slowly raises questions about the breadth of self-images and the reality of life in the United States.




Shortly after the end of the Great War, rifts opened around the world. Nervous about competing for territorial acquisition, nations of the world establish charters, allowing trading companies to manage the territory on the other side of the rifts.

In the twenty years since the opening and discovery of the rifts, the other side has developed dramatically. Outset City has sprung up adjacent to the rift, serving as a jumping off point, administrative hub, and processing center for the exotic materials and resources found on the other side.

Rail lines snake outward through the wilderness, linking the various mines, lumber camps, farming settlements, factories, idealistic communities, and natural wonders. Between the wandering rail lines, the wilderness can be overwhelmingly desolate.


Adventurers known as Rifters take on odd jobs, venturing to the edges of the frontier in service of those who can pay. Incredible sights and alien creatures, the stuff of campfire tall tales, wait to be discovered past every hill.



Anarchy, Ammunition, & Ambition is a bespoke tabletop roleplaying game with mechanics and elements designed to capture the energy and pace of classic action adventure stories. Players take on the role of Rifters traveling through the frontier, taking on what jobs they can to manage their massive debts.

The game includes fast paced tactical class-based fighting mechanics that creates intense action scenes and combat puzzles. Away from the battlefield, the game uses a skill system that prioritizes clever collaboration and resource management instead of relying on random die rolls. A custom obligation mechanic ties together character wealth, progression, and the advancement of time, putting each of those elements fully in the control of the players.




Part of an ongoing much larger roleplaying game campaign, One Wild Day in Outset is a video game level introducing the primary objectives, organizations, and themes of the project.

As a new group of Rifters travel into Outset expecting to begin a comfortable surveying job, they are immediately confronted with a frantic man. He says their former employer has gone missing, to take this package outside the city (without opening it!), and that they will need to find an entry permit by themselves.

Over the course of running around the city attempting to find an entry permit, characters start to discover something sinister threatens the rift itself. In the late afternoon the suspicion becomes outright fear as the rift 'flickers,' causing a massive industrial accident and sending the city into a panic.

The characters have to wrap up their escape plan quickly, finding their way out, escaping the ongoing chaos, and gather their wits in the wider frontier as they decide what to do with the incriminating package.

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