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One Wild Day in Outset

In One Wild Day in Outset, players arrive in a strange new metropolis, where they find their contact has been unable to greet them. Needing a ticket out to the frontier by tonight, the player must quickly come to grips with the city and find a quick exit strategy.

The level is a broad exploration sequence, where players must navigate the open space and branching dialogue trees to unlock the exit in time.

nodes diagram v3-01.png

Produced as part of the SCI-Arc Fiction and Entertainment program, this project takes an architectural approach to game design. Over the course of the project's development process, One Wild Day in Outset underwent significant peer and mentor reviews, iterating to find the right tone, aesthetic, and pacing to convey the intensity of this frontier city.

(Assets modified from originals by Synty)

The city of Outset was extensively explored in an exercise of thorough worldbuilding. Background material that ultimately informed the final character of the city included diagetic maps, paper ephemera, character backgrounds, illustrations, gameplay documentation, diagrams, and a full historic timeline.

From this initial worldbuilding, a complete branching narrative and set of dialogue trees was written in tandem with the ongoing level design.

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